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IKEA Highchair Footrests

The fully adjustable IKEA highchair footrests let your little-one rest their feet while they eat. This helps them to sit-up straight, fidget less and focus on their meal, which helps with concentration and digestion. This is the most perfect IKEA Antilop Highchair accessory.

Choose from either a Beech or Maple (handmade in the UK) Bamboo or hand painted Black Bamboo footrest.


Each footrest come with four o-rings and two support clips which fully secure the footrest in place but also allow you to change the height of the footrest, depending on the age and height of your child.


Please note that as these footrests are natural products, there will be variations in colour and grain pattern.


Use a dry cloth to clean the footrest. We also recommend that your child wears socks whilst using this product.





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Support Clips (set of 2)


All footrests now come with two support clips.


The fully adjustable Support Clips will ensure that you get no slippage at all with your Cove Baby Footrest. Simply tighten round the leg below two o-rings to protect the footrest. That’s it - no movement at all!


Each pack contains two support clips. Only one set of support clips needed per footrest. 

Safety: The small keys are removable and are a choking hazard, they are not a toy.

Installation Guide

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