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Pink and black spotted ikea highchair cushion cover with a dark grey placemat in the highchair tray with a cove baby dark grey divider suction plate with raspberries in the sections. In a pale grey kitchen in front of the cooker
A cover baby white magnetic gift box. Inside the box is a cream and black spotted long sleeved bib folded with a dark grey beaker and pale grey and white spoted cushion cover folder neatly.  on the wooden table next to the box is a dark grey cove baby divider suction plate with cove baby branded cardboard packaging

Silicone Suction Plates & Bowls

The Cove Baby suction plates and bowls are made from FDA approved (BPA free) silicone. The dinnerware comes with a highly practical suction base to prevent your little one from lifting it up.  The suction works very well on Cove Baby placemats too. 
Our plates and bowls are available in lovely mid tone colours and each is designed to match the Cove Baby placemats, and a number of the Cove Baby cushion covers too.  After your little-one’s meal simply rinse the silicone plate or bowl under the tap or clean with some washing-up liquid. 

They are also dishwasher safe. 

A green cove baby section suction plate on an ikea antilop highchair, with bamboo footrest again a white panelled wall
a green and black dotted cushion cover in an ikea antilop highchair with a dark grey graphite coloured placemat in the highchair tray


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