Splash Mats


Splash Mats

The large Cove Baby Splash Mats are perfect for weaning your little one at home and for toddler mealtimes, where they can be used under any type of chair and highchair, ensuring your floor will be protected and making cleaning up after mealtimes easier. They can also be used as a play mat, craft/painting mat or tablecloth, they're light weight and easy to fold and store, perfect to be used outdoors during dry weather in the garden or for picnics. The splash mats are hard wearing and wipeable. 

Each splash mat also comes in a reusable waterproof branded Cove Baby zipper bag, ideal for using out and about. 


The soft splash mat is a perfect choice for protecting surfaces from food, liquid and scratches. The fabric is sealed with a coating which prevents fraying, although as it is a natural fabric you may find occasional loose threads.  No material is truly stain resistant, so we recommend that you wipe your mat with a cloth regularly.  If staining is an issue for you we would recommend choosing a darker coloured splash mat.