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Do babies need a cushion in their highchair?

Why is it important for babies to use a cushion in a highchair?

Babies need a cushion in their highchair for several reasons. Firstly, a cushion provides additional comfort and support for the baby. Sitting upright in a highchair can be tiring for a young child, and a cushion can help alleviate any discomfort.

Additionally, a cushion can help keep a baby in a safe and secure position while in the highchair. A well-fitted cushion can prevent a baby from sliding down. To help get the most out of your babies weaning journey, they need to be happy and comfortable to start exploring new food.

A baby sitting in a highchair, using a Cove Baby Dalmatian cushion cover
Dalmatian Highchair Cushion

Where else can you use the Cushion?

Most people buy Cove Baby cushion covers to use on their IKEA Antilop Highchair, however you can also take the highchair cushion out and about with you. We keep a spare cushion in the bottom of the pram, as we use it for support and comfort when I take my little one out. We use it in shopping trolleys, park swings, and restaurant highchairs.

Why use a cushion out and about?

I take my highchair cushion out with me mainly to keep my little one comfortable for as long as possible. But another good reason is that the cushion can provide a layer of protection between the hard surface of the shopping trolley, park swing, or highchair and the baby's delicate skin.

  1. Hygiene: Public surfaces, such as those found on shopping trolleys, park swings, and highchairs, can be filled with germs and bacteria. A cushion and table placemat can provide a barrier between the baby and germs.

Overall, using a cushion for support and comfort when a baby is in a shopping trolley, park swing, or highchair can help keep them safe, healthy, and happy.

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