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Which Bibs are Best for Weaning?

It can be a minefield when your baby is ready for weaning, there are so many questions running through your mind. Are you going to spoon feed, or baby led wean? Which highchair will you get? Oh and which bibs to choose, when there are so many options!?

This short blog should help you decide which is best for your baby when they're about to start weaning.

1. Coverage: If you're hoping to baby-led wean, look for a bib that offers good coverage to protect your baby's clothing from food and spills. A long sleeved bib would be best, which is wipeable and also machine washable.

2. Material: Choose a bib made from easy-to-clean materials like silicone. These materials can be quickly wiped down or rinsed off, making cleanup a breeze.

3. Comfort: Make sure the bib you choose is comfortable for your baby to wear. Bibs with adjustable neck closures can help ensure a snug, comfortable fit. A soft bib with a wide, deep pocket also helps catch any dropped food.

4. Durability: Look for a bib that can stand up to frequent use and washing. Bibs made from sturdy materials like silicone or polyester are often more durable than those made from flimsy plastic.

5. Style: There are many different styles of bibs available, from traditional cloth bibs to silicone and Long Sleeved Bibs with beautiful designs. Consider your personal preferences and style when choosing a bib.

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