Bamboo footrest adjustable Ikea highchair
  • Bamboo Footrest

    Our fully adjustable footrests let your little-one rest their feet while they eat. This allows them to sit-up straight, fidget less and focus on their meal, which we believe helps with concentration and digestion. Simply change the height of the footrest, depending on the age and height of your child. This is the most perfect Ikea Highchair accessory.
    Choose from either 100% Ash (handmade in Lancashire) or 100% bamboo.
    Please note that as Bamboo and Beech are natural products, there may be variations in colour and grain pattern.
    Installation: Your Cove Baby footrest comes with four rubber o-rings and two Herbie clips to secure the footrest in place and although the footrest should support the weight of your child, you may find that the footrest can slip a small amount, depending on your child’s exuberance during mealtimes and with the build-up of spills and natural oils over time. Cleaning the legs with alcohol gel occasionally can help reduce slippage. 
    Safety warning: Children should be supervised at all times and not left unattended whilst using this product; the safety harness on the highchair should also always be fastened. The o-rings and support clips are a choking hazard and not a toy. We recommend that your child wears shoes whilst using this product.

    The cushion insert is inflatable and provides a soft, comfortable support for your little one.