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Tips for Taking the Kids on Holiday

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

If you are looking for a great way to spend time with your littles ones this summer, a picnic is the perfect activity for the whole family.

Firstly, opt for a location that suits everyone, from baby to toddler to adult. Space for the children to explore and play, maybe a grassed area in your local park, or take advantage of nearby National Trust houses and gardens. Amenities close by are also essential, especially if you're potty training or even for just stocking up on those kiddie favourites, ice creams!

But before heading into the outdoors here are some of our top tips.

What food and drink to pack

Easy finger food is ideal for everybody and creates the least amount of mess and saves you from carrying unnecessary items in your bag.

Invite your little ones to get involved in prepping the picnic, stirring the pasta or simply putting lids onto reusable jars and containers as it makes for learning something new everyday and enjoying the pleasure of extra bonding time. Here are just a few picnic ideas:

Storing all the goods

The perfect transportation of food and drinks, to ensure no spillages, is a cool bag, with some insulated compartments, as you can carry it upright to the perfect location and your soft foods will not get squashed (because who likes a squashed muffin?). Whether that is the beach, the forest or the lake you have wanted to go to for sometime this is perfect compared to pulling a trolley which causes too much hassle. Remember this is a hassle free day for you and your family to enjoy!


One of the most important toddler essentials so your little ones can enjoy the picnic as much as they would enjoy eating and drinking at home is ensuring you have a beaker with a non-spill lid, easy clean plate and a bib which your toddler can remove and be stain free for the rest of the family fun day of activities. Of course, do not forget plates and glasses for yourself and your significant other. A waterproof splash mat is recommended so when sitting, enjoying your picnic you don't have to worry about getting a wet backside! You'll find that a waterproof splash mat will shake off all the mess and dirt when you come to clear up at the end and they are easy to pack away and very light to carry.

Jam packed activities

Keep them lighthearted. A simple game of hide and seek, building sand castles, going on a bug hunt or making animal shapes from the clouds are just a few to mention. Feel free to pack a portable speaker so your little ones can dance and sing to their favourite songs. Whichever activity you choose to do, memories are made with love with the people who we choose to picnic with.

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